A new logo to enhance the brand identity of Gianluigi Buffon

CLIENT: Gianluigi Buffon

A new logo to enhance the brand identity of Gianluigi Buffon

// Building a strong branding strategy through a distinctive visual element which conveys the values and the story of the championship


Gianluigi Buffon is the symbol of Juventus, the Italian football club with which he won ten championships, nine in Serie A and one in Serie B.

His career started very early, when he was only 17 years old, thanks to his first debut in the top flight with Parma in 1995 and it continued in a crescendo of successes that led him to enter the first team of the Italian national football only two years later.

After having joined the Bianconeri club, to which he swore allegience for 17 consecutive seasons, Buffon leaves Juventus to live a short break at Paris Saint-Germain winning the French championship.

During his career, the goalkeeper wore the Italian jersey from 2007 to 2018 and won a significant amount of awards such as the Golden Foot, the best FIFA Goalkeeper. He has also been named Goalkeeper of the Year for four consecutive seasons by IFFHS and he is now considered one of the most important goalkeepers in the world.

Today Gigi Buffon, who counts a digital fanbase about 18 million followers, is one of the most beloved players of all time at international level, thanks to his professionalism and his unique personality.


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Gianluigi Buffon decided to rely on IQUII, Digital Consulting Company to strengthen his digital positioning and his relationship with fans through the building of a branding strategy able to acquire new fans and retain the existing fanbase through a structured storytelling that describes his hard work, his passion and the story of the most beloved goalkeeper throughout the world.

From this partnership arose a mobile platform entirely dedicated to the black and white player, which is a strategic tool that allows Buffon to interact without intermediation with his fans and plan new forms of fanbase engagement more and more targeted and capillary.

We worked on the restyling of the official logo aming to convey in a single visual element the identity of Buffon making it recognizable and memorable.


We have conducted several studies on Gigi Buffon’s career through face-to-face meetings to capture the athlete’s distinctive traits and the most intimate personality of him when he stands away from the spotlights.

Professionalism, uniqueness, experience are the three key elements on which the new logo has been designed. It turns the champion into a real brand of the Sport Industry.

The yellow reminds his goalkeeper’s jersey and all the experienced emotions that he dressed when he played for the Italian national team for 11 seasons until 2018.

A geometry of crossing lines near the name of Gianluigi Buffon creates a strong and clear message: “number 1”, as the title of the autobiographical novel where the Superman of football tells his professional and personal life, without omitting his mistakes and insecurities.

The number one emerges from the grid of lines to recall the number of his jersey worn for the Old Lady Juventus and for Italy.

The new logo shows a double soul of Gigi Buffon: the strong side of the champion and the truest one of man. A combination of text and symbols on an elegant palette adaptable to every online and offline channels creates visual coherence that increases the Champion’s brand awareness.

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