Alice Betto: the triathlete enters the IQUII roster to improve her digital Brand Strategy

CLIENT: Alice Betto

Alice Betto: the triathlete enters the IQUII roster to improve her digital Brand Strategy

// Building a strong Brand Identity through a strategy which vehicles her values, her story and passion for sport


Today the work of an athlete is not restricted to the borders of a gym, a playing field or a track. Since the digital has pervaded our routine, the personal and the professional life of each player has been merged in a unique reality where social media tools and digital platforms have become the main media that fans use to stay connected with their favourite champions, because of their ability to create a one-to-one dialogue.

The sporting news is not enough: today fans are the real protagonists of the athlete’s life. Using a virtual peephole they look out in the intimacy of the player to follow as the athletic actions during the competitions as their daily routine in order to acknowledge the value of the individual behind the image of player, especially now that lockdown and the COVID19 emergency have blocked the sport industry, its competitions and the traditional fans’ contact with their favourite championship.

In this sense, the communication plays a fundamental role for the athlete to make the fanbase grow and loyal: new way to attract new prospects and sponsors of the Sport Industry.


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Alice Betto, professional triathlete since 2013, chooses IQUII to improve her personal brand through the creation and application of a strategy able to enhance her online positioning as well as her digital reputation. The goal is to provide fans Betto’s story, her hard work and her passion for triathlon through a continuous and structured storytelling.

Our collaboration has generated a new logo, which summarizes Alice Betto’s personality and her sporting soul, a platform, which allows her to communicate directly with the users without the mediation of third parties, and a communication strategy which vehicles her personal brand and passion leading her to become national championship.

The trademark, the website and the communication strategy are the three key elements which compose the storytelling of the Alice Betto’s digital identity thanks to which the athlete soul as well as the woman of everyday life can tell their own stories and reach a wider public extending their images beyond the boundaries of the sporting faith.

Thanks to this new approach the triathlete can tell fans about her sporting feats on one hand and her polyhedral personality of woman with significant amount of passions like art, nutrition and travels on the other one.


To create an effective design of both logo and website, an analysis on Alice’s career has been conducted through cognitive meetings aimed to capture the main characteristics of the athlete’s personality when she is far from the spotlight, in order to build a personal brand that would fully enhance Alice Betto: we have identified passions, desires, memories to build an effective storytelling that transmits the values of the athlete to her fans through the adoption of a simple sincere and emotionally language in line with Alice’s essence.

The design system, which has been adopted, comes from a set of rules in line with Alice Betto’s passion for art, her story and her profession as triathlete: logo, design, interface and colours have been designed to communicate imminently the woman, the athlete and her passion for life to her users.

The Alice’s logo has been structured from 3 symbols andeach of them is an allegory of a triathlon phase:

  • A wave to sum up the discipline of swimming;
  • A circle to recall the world of cycling;
  • A straight line as a metaphor of the race track.

The composition of the 3 symbols generates a Dynamic Logo which assumes a different nature depending on the message that she wants to send. It is also a synthesis of the main pictogram composed by A and B, the first two letters of the alphabet, but also the initial letter of the Alice Betto’s name.

The website has been designed with a mobile-first structure and it is fully illustrated to enhance the Alice Betto’s passion for the art. By landing on the homepage, the user meets an animated illustration of Alice Betto that invites him to start a journey that involves and amazes at every scroll. The illustration of Alice responds to each action of the user facing the three trials of triathlon until it reaches the last section of the homepage where Alice finally meets her partners
ready to welcome it, as a metaphor of a desired goal to promote her growth as athlete enabling new sponsorships.

We worked on the drafting of an editorial plan to build a strategy aimed to:

  • improve and engage the fanbase;
  • strengthen the fan awareness;
  • increase organic and direct website traffic.

The editorial plan consists in the publication of four types of content related to Alice’s private life and it is composed by moments spent with family and friends, as well as a her commitment to promote a proper but pleasant nutrition through the sharing of recipes that she has learned thanks to her passion for cooking.

Finally the editorial plan for Alice’s contents has been designed and it contains #LeAliperTokyo a column which aims at recounting her sacrifices, her passion and her dedication to crown the Olympic dream, with the aim of involving fans in this crucial stage of her life. The story takes place through the creation of multimedia contents for a more appealing storytelling available for the users.


After the launch of her new website, also a new social media management strategy has been carried out like we have done with the other athletes of the IQUII’s roster. It will drive Alice Betto for one year into a path of real digital power, with the aim of strengthening her Brand Identity undertaking collaborative activities and sponsorship with brands and associations.

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