The Digital Transformation is catalyzing the companies’ attention because of the impact on the processes, the infrastructures and business, with the innovation creating a new vision that, in the Sport Industry 4.0, touches many levels: the culture, the governance and the organization. Sport companies are investing in the Sport Digital Transformation to improve the integration between different touchpoints and physical/digital communication channels, by introducing scalable technologies and platforms to get new revenue sources: creating, in this way, a multi-channel experience around the fan 4.0.


In this scenario IQUII Sport, the IQUII Media Hub, is born, structured to support clubs, athletes, brands and other Sport Industry players, creating communication models focused on fan experience, based on entertainment and information, according to data and monetization.

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Tools change, processes evolve, associations transform. We study the market to anticipate SportTech trends, and position ourselves as a reference point of the Sport System, in our areas of expertise:

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& Fan Engagement

Understanding the main international clubs’ strategies and anticipating the Sport Industry trends relating to clubs, players and brands.

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& Sport Platforms

Engaging the fan both outside and inside the arena through membership, loyalty, proximity and sport retail strategies.

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Data Monetization

Outlining the relationship between sport and modern technologies, deepening the development of CRM and membership platforms, studying technologies dedicated to clubs, associations and sport events.

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Collecting exclusive data, analyzing them, making reports and infographics on clubs, players, events and eSport international platforms.

Innovation, creativity, data and technology mixed in a unique, flexible and completely customizable offer.


A continuously moving landscape requires an adaptable view and a highly specialized approach, which is:

Fan Oriented Fan Oriented

Teams grow thanks to the emotions they give to the fans, who are fed by entertaining them, informing them and putting them at the centre of their passion, within a community in which to attract interest that leads to sharing.

Data DrivenData Driven

We work with a data-driven approach, analyzing the information collected and transforming it into know-how, to generate business, in an increasingly vertical communication.

Tech EnabledTech Enabled

Design, attention to detail and the search for a differential style, will be the starting point in a strategy planned on the perfect integration of multiple technological platforms, depending on the new logic of fan engagement, user acquisition and data monetization.


Fan engagement and data monetization are two central themes in the evolution of the sport industry that we are living: whether you are an athlete, a club or a brand, our tech ecosystem will take you into a data-driven Digital Transformation path, to activate new revenue models. Contact us and kick off this game!

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