IQUII Sport is the IQUII’s Business Unit born to assist associations, clubs and athletes in the digital transformation path aimed to strengthen their business, and to support brands and investors in the partnership valorization process.

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Tools change, processes evolve, associations transform. We study the market to anticipate SportTech trends, and position ourselves as a reference point of the Sport System, in our areas of expertise:

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& Fan Engagement

We study new fan engagement experiences for the main players in sport, with the aim to enhance the relationship and the conversion towards the strategic touchpoints (ticketing, e-commerce, membership) to valorize the brand, and we support the sponsors in their partnership activation strategies and value creation.

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& Sport Platforms

We realize and integrate platforms, legacy and structural systems supporting the engagement and monetization strategies, with the aim to improve the profiling process and content delivery. We connect front end systems (web, mobile, tv) with the corporate systems and the technologies in the arena through the introduction of own middleware systems to coordinate processes, data and content.

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Data Monetization

We analyse and develop data acquisition strategies, as well as their direct and indirect monetization. We are able to understand fans’ behaviour and the platforms’ and services’ utilization dynamics so to redefine new services, products, pricing and monetization models.

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We collect data and realize preview analyses: reports and infographics about clubs, players and events to tell the way the main stakeholders of the Sport Industry relate with their fanbases, monitoring the main evidences under the fanbase growth and engagement standpoint.

Innovation, creativity, data and technology mixed in a unique, flexible and completely customisable offering.


A continuously changing scenario requires a highly specialised and flexible approach, to be:

Fan Oriented Fan Oriented

Clubs grow thanks to the emotions they give their fans, to be nourished engaging, informing and putting them in the centre of their own passion within a community.

Data DrivenData Driven

We work with a data-driven approach in an even more vertical communication, analysing the information collected and transforming them into know-how to generate business.

Tech EnabledTech Enabled

Design, attention to details and the research of a distinguished style will be the starting points of a strategy planned on the perfect integration of several tech platforms, according to the new fan engagement, user acquisition and data monetization dynamics.

Sport Experience Platform

The end-to-end platform for integrated management of events, live streaming, fan engagement and branded content

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