In a rapidly changing scenario, Sport Business evolves and models the role of sports organizations, athletes and all parties investing in sport. The need to engage fans, not only during the sports event, but in every moment, on different media and together with partners, forces to plan communication models focused on brand experience and technology, taking advantage of social media and mobile to create a constant relationship and develop new business opportunities.



IQUII Sport was born to anticipate the changes of the Sport Industry, betting on innovation, customer experience and a data-driven approach to evolve the processes and the monetization models.


Sport Business has changed. Sports organizations are becoming media companies; they produce content and engage fans in completely new ways, not only during the sports event but in every moment, on different media and together with partners. In this context, we believe that technology and the planning of innovative experiences are the foundations of the modern relationship with the fan, who cannot be left on different platforms but needs to be engaged in a direct and disintermediated relationship, in an own context and with a well structured strategy. We are strongly convinced that firms need to face this evolution with the aim to build a relationship, strengthen the loyalty and engage fans in the value construction process.

IQUII Sport is the partner that will help you to understand and face digital transformation, bringing value, competitiveness and growth.




In September 2019 the partnership with Calcio e Finanza has been signed, the first Italian web magazine dedicated to the economic, financial and managerial aspects of Italian football.

The Partnership among the two players will be structured on information and data-sharing as the foundations of content production, designed to different targets (from professionals to fans):

  • live graphics to analyse sports events;
  • infographics studying the conversations on Twitter in the main European leagues;
  • integration of financial data in current reports and analysis;
  • in-depth analyses to study the “AS IS” of clubs and associations under the digital and financial standpoints.



In May 2019 IQUII and Wylab, the first Italian Sport Tech incubator which includes Wyscout in its startup programme, join the forces to develop a knowledge and offering hub to boost the Italian sports ecosystem under the economic and cultural standpoints.

The mutual aim is to accelerate the Sport Business Transformation, in a quickly growing context in which technology represents even more the pillar of the new strategies under the fan engagement, data acquisition and monetization perspectives.

In detail, the deal is based on four main areas:

  • business development;
  • education;
  • content marketing;
  • sport tech & innovation technology.



In July 2018 we signed the partnership with the Johan Cruyff Institute, “a powerful blend of professors, staff and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the sport business for the benefit of all athletes, sport partners, organizations and the students themselves.”

A natural, almost “physiological” deal, given the mission of both parties, even if with different perspectives: to evolve the Sport Industry towards a model considering the transformation of the modern society.

The collaboration with the JCI is focused on:

  • internship opportunities for the students of the Institute;
  • the sharing of digital, technological and vision know-how;
  • the utilization of internally gathered data;
  • the realization of educational and research projects.



In October 2017 we partnered with the Osservatori Innovazione Digitale in the Sports Industry of the Milan Polytechnic. The goal is to consolidate our path in SportTech, where we reinforce our expertise every day.

The observatory, created with the aim of highlighting how digital innovation is able to generate value in the sports industry, aims to become a reference point for operators in the sector.

Specifically, our research is focused on:

  • The importance of a well-structured Digital Strategy within sports clubs
  • The evolution of the Maturity Model for the recipients of digital innovation, in relation to fan experience, athletic performance, event management, management of sports clubs
  • The study of the phenomenon of eSport, which is creating new remuneration paradigms in the sports environment
  • The role of producers and suppliers of technological solutions, including startups, in the process of sports innovation, highlighting the benefits and organizational changes needed
  • The contribution of technological innovation in the creation of new skills, new roles and new forms of diversification of revenues for sports organizations

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