The Fortitudo Basket player Henry Sims chooses IQUII to manage his image and digital presence

CLIENT: Henry Sims

The Fortitudo Basket player Henry Sims chooses IQUII to manage his image and digital presence

// A new athlete enters the IQUII roster to create his brand strategy


The American basketball player Henry Sims boasts four seasons in the NBA and three seasons in Italy, two in LBA and one in Serie A2. Currently he’s playing in the Lega Basket Serie A for the Fortitudo Bologna team.


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The athlete chooses IQUII to empower his digital positioning, strengthening his image and creating a new branding strategy able to spread his values, showing the audience the man and his story, his hard work and his passion for basketball, through a continuous and structured storytelling.

From this collaboration emerged the need to create a new logo, able to emphasize the new identity of the player, making it recognizable and memorable. Furthermore, the other needs were the creation of a web touchpoint, where he directly communicates with his fans, without any mediation by third parties, the implementation of a digital channels’ management and the development of a personal branding strategy with the aim to increase and retain the already acquired fanbase, also capturing the interest of brands and sponsors who want to invest in the Sport Industry.


Passions, wishes, memories: an in-depth study was conducted on several aspects of the athlete’s career, as well as on his private live and values, to develop an effective design able to define his new image and position himself as a proper brand within the Sport Industry.

The mixture of his private and public life, his past and his present, led to the creation of a design characterized by bright colours, to communicate the basketball player as well as the man who loves beat music and video games. Purple and black were chosen as the main colours, as part of his value and affective sphere, recalling its high school jersey and the moment in which he won the National Title.

The logo has been designed on three key elements of his life:

  • The H from Henry refers to the man outside the court and his passions, hobbies, feelings and wishes;
  • The S from Sims outlines the athlete but also the father, the son and the man belonging to his ancestry;
  • The number 14 is the number he wears playing for Fortitudo Bologna, and the one he wore for the first time during his High School years, a period of his life that he remembers as the most beautiful one.

The same logo is the compass that brings back the users to the Homepage browsing the new website, whose user experience has been designed according to a one-page scroll logic, to allow an easier and more immersive fruition of the story.

The new #Simsity blog is the perfect mix between sport and music, the athlete’s second big passion: every month Henry talks to fans and describes all the emotions he felt before, during and after the matches played, using the words of the songs that he listens to more. Supporting the real time storytelling, a new timeline has been designed within the website to make fans relive the highlights of his career.

Finally, we helped Henry opening his official channels of the main social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin), also managing and boosting his presence through a proper editorial plan and content strategy.


A Social Media Management activity will follow to empower the new brand identity of the athlete, building a deeper relationship with his fanbase and supporting him to start and enhance new commercial and sponsorship opportunities.

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