We produce content for user engagement, we structure communication models focused on the fan experience, we design technologies supporting the strategies and we use data to strengthen the monetization: a proper full outsourcing offer based on 4 pillars.


The strength of a Media Hub depends, above all, on the value of the content offered to users. Content that represent the core of the engagement and fidelization processes, and are pivotal elements of the user acquisition, community building and monetization strategy.


The context in which to develop an engagement project considers different touchpoints, physical and digital, before, during and after the events. The present touchpoints, and the ones which are possible to activate depending on the strategy, must be able to work in a coordinate way as integrated parts of the same vision, on an omnichannel level.


The Media Hub will be based on the perfect integration of more technological platforms, starting from a sport platform able to understand the engagement, user acquisition and membership logics and able to feed a new CRM platform, for a clean, univocal and optimised data management.


An advanced business model allowing clubs to transform their integrated strategy according to monetization. An high fan engagement and a structured user acquisition will allow to assimilate data and know better the own users, so to activate, in an accurate way, direct and indirect revenue models.

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