The Digital Transformation to support the business of Sir Safety Perugia


CLIENTE: Sir Safety Perugia Volley

The Digital Transformation to support the business of Sir Safety Perugia

// Evolving the monetization model of the volleyball club with a Sport Platform which offers a complete and integrated fan experience


Sir Safety Conad Perugiais an Umbrian volleyball club, founded in 2001, which plays for eight consecutive seasons in the highest league of men’s volleyball starting from 2012-2013: the Superleague.

Thanks to the forward-looking vision of its management and its desire for a constant growth, the club has long sought to expand its digital commitment, reaching a total fanbase of almost 203K followers on social mediathrough the presence of the club on many of the most famous social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Youtube and also Tiktok.


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Starting from October 2019, the Umbrian company has chosen IQUII as Official Digital Partner, to further strengthen its digital positioning and its marketing and communication strategies aiming to acquire new fans and retain its community.

Its partnership with the Digital Company aims to enhance its brand in order to play a central role in the national and international sports scenario through a considered and winningSport Digital Transformationpath.

In details, Sir Volley Perugia’s needs are the following ones:

  • activating more effective fan engagement logicsin order to involve fans in both pre and post event through information and contents;
  • increasing the number of tracked usersto establish a long-term relationship with them;
  • monetizing the relationship with its fanbasethanks to several dedicated features.


A new mobile touchpoint has been designed thanks to the collaboration between the volleyball club and IQUII, the Sir Safety Perugia Official App, an application that allows fans to have at their disposal the information and services concerning the club and its fans in one single solution and a preferential access to exclusive and innovative features to live the passion for the club as protagonists.

Thanks to the mobile platform developed by IQUII, all fans can:

  • keep up to date on all appointmentsscheduled by the club;
  • consult the constantly updated Superlega rankings;
  • browse photos and videosof the cluband get exclusive information about individual players;
  • consult the Social Wallcontaining all the most interesting contents published on the official channels of the team;
  • play to Instant Winand test their knowledge about the club;
    use Fan Cam’s stickers to customize personal pictures.

The application gives a whole customized user-friendly experience offering also further information about the club and giving fans the chance to interact with the club not only during the match but also in other moments, thanks to the implementation of the Sport XPframeworkdesigned by IQUII, which allows the club to integrate physical and digital touchpoints in a single solution using a middleware technology which provide a tool that allows club to easily convey all the contents to the fans as well as centralize and monitor the data acquired and scattered on different touchpoints.

To enhance the tool of the Sport Platform, we also provided a strategic consultancy which aims to identify tactical actions and strategy in line with the club’s stated goals.



The numbers recorded by the Sport Platform shows how much fans need to use a digital touchpoint that allows them to stay in constant contact with their favourite team..

Six months after the launch of the Official App, the 80% of the total user base has agreed to receive push notificationsand stay updated reading the news related to the club. In addition, 71% of them decided to register on the platformand 36% agreed to receive the newsletter.


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